Based on the animation tree you created on lesson 01 (week 04), share the animation tree for your game. Try to be as specific as possible and remember to add directional connections. Use a mindmap tool or similar to help you with the process.

Update the animation list below with your own animations based on the segment of the animation tree you're implementing:

Animation Name Start Pose End Pose Loop? Description
Idl_Rdy Idl_Rdy Idl_Rdy Yes Use this field to add a description for the animation.
Idl_Rdy_Long_1 Idl_Rdy Idl_Rdy No
Walk_F - - Yes
Attack_F* Idl_Rdy Idl_Rdy Yes
Block_F* Idl_Rdy Idl_Rdy No

*Suggestions only. Create animations suitable to your own game